Vacation Request Update

It’s been over a month since we posted to let you know we’re working on the Vacation Request & Approval feature.  The latest update is…we’re still working on it.

This is going to big!  We’re talking a red carpet event with Armani gown, Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals and Harry Winston diamonds.

A girl can dream, right?

Anyway, we’re really excited about this new functionality. It’ll be the first opportunity for members to share TrackSmart with their employees…and hand over some of the work. 

While setting up employees in the calendar, make sure there’s a unique email address. That’ll be where employees receive their “Welcome to TrackSmart” email with login details.  

Now members won’t have to remember to add absence codes on TrackSmart when someone’s out…or whether the sticky note or email requesting time off was ever approved.  When an employee submits a request time-off request through TrackSmart, the member will get an email letting them know there’s a request waiting for approval.  Those “pending” requests appear on the calendar for the member to approve or decline.

Once the pending request is approved, that absence code is added to the calendar.  Then the employee gets an email letting them know which way it went and everybody is happy (unless the request was declined, I suppose).

How cool is that!  Any questions?

12 Responses

  1. When do you expect it to be available? And how will you let us know?

  2. This is our #1 priority right now…all hands on deck working on it. We expect it to be delivered early in the fall.

    We will let our members know by shouting it from the rooftops!
    (Also by email, through the community, in the member updates area on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+…and this blog.)

  3. We’ve been looking for a web based vacation tracking system. With the addition of the vacation request and approval feature Tracksmart could be the answer.

    The administrator can always create a request in cases of unplanned absence?

    Manolo Blahnik? I thought he was a shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers Triple A farm team…

  4. We’ve got a home grown e-mail request / approval process in place. It’s not integrated to the extent of the other capabilities Tracksmart seems to offer. So we’re okay, but could be much better with the additional capability through your system. Let me know when you add the request / approval feature.

    Major league baseball teams use farm teams to develop future prospects to play at the major league level. But I’m thinkin’ you know that…

    Thanks for the prompt response.

  5. Will there be an option for an Employee to electronically send the vacation request to their Supervisor for approval on days they requested to take off before sending it to Human Resources for approval for paid time off?

  6. Great question, Brenda! I’ve answered it in our community in case others were wondering the same thing.

  7. Now that we are halfway through Fall and closing in on Winter, what is the status of this feature?

  8. Thanks for the question, Ross. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit longer than expected.

    The good news is that we’re still on it and not giving up on a Fall delivery date. This should be live by early December.

    (A little Helene trivia for you…as a kid, I always thought my birthday was in the Winter because it’s dang cold in New York in December. It was a big “aha!” moment when I figured out that December 5th was still the fall.)

  9. It will be great if this feature can be operational by January, 2012… Can’t wait!!! Does the team project a January 2012 installation date???

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