Introducing the new TrackSmart… slowly.

You may’ve noticed the changes we’ve been making to the site over the past several months. First, we made it easier to manage your tracking  Preferences. Then, we brought you a new Reports Library, with even more robust reporting capabilities. In the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to the next generation of our tracking calendar.

You may be wondering how much more is changing? Quite a bit.

Soon, the calendar will discontinue using the Silverlight platform. That will mean moving around in the calendar much faster, cutting the time you spend looking at a loading bar. The calendar is also getting an all-new look with color-coded employee names instead of the word “absence” or “event” (see who’s out at a glance) and the ability to filter by department.

We’ll also be adding a convenient daily detail list so you can see everything you have going on that day — absences, birthdays, deadlines, pending vacation requests and more.

Also on tap is a calendar entry icon at the top of your calendar to make adding absences and events a snap. No more scrolling through a long, unorganized list of active or inactive codes.

And when you’re in a hurry, you can just double-click anywhere on the calendar and a new entry form will appear to record an absence or other event.

And this is just the beginning.

For a few months, you’ll be able to jump back and forth between the old and new TrackSmart Calendars while we continue improving other areas such as Time Sheets, Employee Profiles and Employee Self-Service Setup.

Then down the road, once we have everything just so, the old calendar will fade quietly into the night. Then you can enjoy your new-and-improved TrackSmart features full-time, for real. Look for the full transition by Fall 2013.

Employee Self-Service Mobile App for Android & iPhone

It’s official, the Employee Self-Service Mobile App is now available for both Android and iPhone.

The mobile app supports TrackSmart’s Employee Self-Service features, allowing employees to submit time-off requests and time sheets through their phones.

An active TrackSmart Employee Self-Service login is required. Employee Self-Service is only available with a TrackSmart Premium Plan, with permissions enabled by the primary account holder.

Get it on Google Play     Available on the iPhone App Store

The Android Mobile App Is Ready for Your Employees

The TrackSmart team is excited to announce that the Employee Self-Service mobile app for Android is now available in the Google Play store.

This mobile app supports TrackSmart’s Employee Self-Service features, allowing employees to submit time-off requests and time sheets through their Android phone.

An active TrackSmart Employee Self-Service login is required. Employee Self-Service is only available with a TrackSmart Premium Plan, with permissions enabled by the primary account holder.

Get it on Google Play

(The iPhone app has been submitted to the Apple store and is awaiting approval so look for it any day now.)

New enhancements finally here!

A couple months ago, we posted about our final enhancements for 2012. However, we changed our mind and decided they should be first enhancements of 2013! (Okay, we hit a few speed bumps along the way that delayed getting them to you).

These improvements are a direct result of feedback from the member community, so our Community Commander in Chief will walk you through them in a brief video tour.

Heeeeeeere’s Ryan! See what’s new in this quick video

The cheat sheet:

1. New option to track time off by days instead of hours

2. New (and improved) codes
– Certification Expired event code
– Training absence code
– Conference absence code
– In Late absence code replaces Tardy absence code

3. Time Sheet feature enhancements
– Time Sheets now display deducted time off on days where absences appeared (for Admins and Supervisors only)
– Two new Time Sheet reports have been added to assist Admins and Supervisors with scheduling and payroll

4. Scheduler Report now lets you see “pending” time off requests on the schedule so you have a more complete view before approving other employee requests for time off on the same day

What’s new? So glad you asked!

We’re really excited to announce that we went live, last night, with some new features and fixes to old ones. We hope you’re as happy as we are about the updates.

Supervisor Approvals

With this new feature, we’ve updated the Employee Self-Service with a new dashboard and screens for Supervisors and Managers. The new functionality allows employees with “manage employees” permissions to approve Time-Off Requests and Time Sheets, receive email notifications of pending requests, and run Absence Detail and Employee Scheduler reports, for their employees.

The Supervisor Approvals feature is available with FlexTrack and PowerTrack Premium Plans.  See how to set up your supervisors and employees.

Supervisor Dashboard

Employee Scheduler for Employees

We’ve received many suggestions to give employees’ the ability to see the calendar. What we learned is that what our members really wanted was for employees to avoid potential scheduling conflicts before submitting their time-off requests.  So with this new release, members may also grant “Employee Scheduler” permissions to employees with Time-Off Request access, which allows them to run a report of the upcoming time-off schedule. To maintain confidentiality of private information, the employee will not be able to see the actual absence code or notes related to the time off.

Employee Scheduler

Default Hours for Absences

Members with a FlexTrack or PowerTrack plan may now set up a default number of hours in a day, within their Feature Settings, found in My Account. This will auto-populate the hours field in the absence entry form when adding an absence to the calendar.

Default Hours in Absence Entry Form

Pop-up Promotions under Control

During our last set of updates, we had a little glitch where members on the free Basic Plan were inundated with the pop-up encouraging an upgrade. While we’d love everyone to upgrade, we realize we might want to give you a chance to try it out first before scaring you off. (We had a bug that created overzealous triggers.)  It’s fixed now!

Another New Release (that’s site updates to you and me)

So here we are again, with another site update.  This time around we’ve mostly been working on some bug fixes and cleaning up some navigation around the application, but there are a few new things you’ll see on the surface.

  1. Premium members may now update billing info in the account profile, rather than playing phone tag with our credit and collections department to replace expired credit cards.
  2. App screens have new navigation to help you get around easier.
    App Navigation
  3. The Employee Site now has an absence detail report for each employee to view his/her history.
    employee absence detail report


Spoiler alert! Here’s what’s coming up next:  Updates to the Employee Site allowing supervisors to manage employee requests and time sheets.  Yep, you asked for it and it’s finally next in line for take off.

Take a look at a sneak preview for the planned Supervisor Dashboard:

Supervisor Dashboard


Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback leading us in this direction.

I’ll be adding a poll soon to see which new absence and event codes you’d most like us to add. Be on the lookout or comment below.

What’s Going on at TrackSmart Central

Happy Monday, Smart Trackers!

I want to start with a big giant “thank you” to our members that have been so enthusiastic about posting feedback and suggestions in the TrackSmart Community. We’re listening and working hard to prioritize the needs of our site members.

Right now, our top priority is improving the calendar performance time. A number of members with large amounts of data in their account have experienced slow loading times. We wouldn’t want to deal with that ourselves and we certainly don’t expect our customers to do so.

Our next major enhancement is for the Employee Site. Many members have told us that supervisors need to be able to approve time-off requests and time sheets for their employees. The feature we’re building will allow supervisors to do those tasks when they log in on the Employee Site, with permissions given by the administrator (Premium Plans Only).  Supervisors will also be able to run detailed absence reports and a schedule of all time off for their employees.

Members also have been asking us to allow employees to see company or department calendars before submitting a time-off request. After speaking to several Member Advisers, we learned there are too many potential risks to just give this access across the board so we’re going to work on a permission setting for administrators to give their employees.

As we add more “permissions-based” features to the site, we’re looking to improve the way members set up the all feature permissions for employees, as well as, add on another administrator for their account. As we continue to promise a truly easy attendance tracking experience, this isn’t something we want to rush. Long story short…we’re on it.

Another major feature we’ve been working on is time-off accruals. We’ve already spent a lot of time talking with members, reading feedback and survey responses, researching types of accrual plans and looking into our best technical options. We hope to deliver a simple yet flexible accrual setup to our members by the end of 2012.

Have a favorite future feature you’d like to see for TrackSmart?  Please share it in the Community!


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