Another New Release (that’s site updates to you and me)

So here we are again, with another site update.  This time around we’ve mostly been working on some bug fixes and cleaning up some navigation around the application, but there are a few new things you’ll see on the surface.

  1. Premium members may now update billing info in the account profile, rather than playing phone tag with our credit and collections department to replace expired credit cards.
  2. App screens have new navigation to help you get around easier.
    App Navigation
  3. The Employee Site now has an absence detail report for each employee to view his/her history.
    employee absence detail report


Spoiler alert! Here’s what’s coming up next:  Updates to the Employee Site allowing supervisors to manage employee requests and time sheets.  Yep, you asked for it and it’s finally next in line for take off.

Take a look at a sneak preview for the planned Supervisor Dashboard:

Supervisor Dashboard


Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback leading us in this direction.

I’ll be adding a poll soon to see which new absence and event codes you’d most like us to add. Be on the lookout or comment below.

What’s Going on at TrackSmart Central

Happy Monday, Smart Trackers!

I want to start with a big giant “thank you” to our members that have been so enthusiastic about posting feedback and suggestions in the TrackSmart Community. We’re listening and working hard to prioritize the needs of our site members.

Right now, our top priority is improving the calendar performance time. A number of members with large amounts of data in their account have experienced slow loading times. We wouldn’t want to deal with that ourselves and we certainly don’t expect our customers to do so.

Our next major enhancement is for the Employee Site. Many members have told us that supervisors need to be able to approve time-off requests and time sheets for their employees. The feature we’re building will allow supervisors to do those tasks when they log in on the Employee Site, with permissions given by the administrator (Premium Plans Only).  Supervisors will also be able to run detailed absence reports and a schedule of all time off for their employees.

Members also have been asking us to allow employees to see company or department calendars before submitting a time-off request. After speaking to several Member Advisers, we learned there are too many potential risks to just give this access across the board so we’re going to work on a permission setting for administrators to give their employees.

As we add more “permissions-based” features to the site, we’re looking to improve the way members set up the all feature permissions for employees, as well as, add on another administrator for their account. As we continue to promise a truly easy attendance tracking experience, this isn’t something we want to rush. Long story short…we’re on it.

Another major feature we’ve been working on is time-off accruals. We’ve already spent a lot of time talking with members, reading feedback and survey responses, researching types of accrual plans and looking into our best technical options. We hope to deliver a simple yet flexible accrual setup to our members by the end of 2012.

Have a favorite future feature you’d like to see for TrackSmart?  Please share it in the Community!

New Feature Update: Employee Time Sheets

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated you on our latest and greatest feature, Employee Time Sheets.

As of today, members are seeing a message in the Member Updates area next to the calendar estimating launch of this feature around May 22nd.  Unfortunately, when we’re in this phase of testing a new feature, we’re unable to make updates to the site which is why you still see a date that’s already passed.

We’re still working out a couple of remaining bugs in the functionality, before releasing it to our members. If all goes well, we hope to have it available by the middle of next week.

Please bear with us in the meantime, we promise it will be worth the wait!

As a reminder, the Employee Time Sheets feature will be available to FlexTrack and PowerTrack Premium Plan members.

Two Things You Should Know

  1. We’re planning to launch Online Time Sheets within the next 6 weeks or so. This Employee Self-Service feature will magically appear in our FlexTrack and PowerTrack Premium Plan Members’ accounts, as soon as it goes live. (Members with this feature will need to log in and select a check-box that gives employees permission to submit time sheets through the Employee Site, when it launches).
  2. Our Special Intro Rates are going away after Saturday. If you want to take advantage of the new Online Time Sheet feature and other Superstar features, at these awesome rates, do it today…Compare Plans Now!

Employees Can Now Change Their Password

A while back I mentioned that your employees soon would be able to change their passwords to one that’s easier to remember. 

Employees can now log in at, click the “Change Your Password” link next to their name and set up a new, friendlier password.

 We hope this helps your employees and we thank our community again for providing the feedback that made this a priority for us. Happy Tracking!

Last Chance for Special Introductory Rates

We are dedicated to keeping TrackSmart the most friendly and easy-to-use online employee attendance tracking solution on the web by continuing to deliver new features and enhancements to our members.

When we launched Premium Plans in December of 2010, we offered “Special Introductory” rates to our members.  As of April 1, 2012, the regular rates will take effect.  If you are already on a premium plan, this change will not apply to your current billing term, but will be seen on your next renewal date.

The good news is that our regular rates are still incredibly low and if you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ve got some time to take advantage of the intro rates.

Even better news:  we’ve got lots of enhancements on the way for the Premium Plan members.

Here are some upcoming features already in the works for Premium Plans:

  • Employees Timesheets – employees can submit hours worked online, with administrator reporting and export to Excel (think payroll uses)
  • Supervisor permissions to approve online employee time-off requests and timesheets
  • Basic accruals of time off banks
  • Premium Plan exclusive discounts in the TrackSmart store

We look forward to continuing to service you and making the best online employee tracking solution for your business.

An email will be sent your way this week mentioning all this, be on the lookout.

If you’d like to give us your feedback, please post it in the community.

Employee time-off requests…and yet there’s more!

The employee time-off request feature has been a big hit!  Thank you to our members that told us this was an important enhancement and made it happen.  Since then, we’ve gotten some great feedback in our community that tells us we’re not done.

Our process here is:

  1. Listen to what our members want, in the community, by email, through polls, etc.
  2. Deliver a basic version of the functionality/feature
  3. Get feedback from both our members and random “user” testing (asking people who haven’t used the site before to use the site and accomplish certain tasks as expected on TrackSmart)
  4. Based on the feedback, tweak or enhance the functionality/feature
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat

The point here is we’re never done. 

So, here are some related enhancements we’re working on and hope to deliver over the next few months:

  1. Employees’ ability to view their own calendar when requesting time off
    • Ability to view the main calendar with administrator permission settings
  2. Supervisor permissions to view and approve employee time-off requests
  3. Tracking hours worked — a basic online timesheet feature

Have any questions or comments or want your suggestions heard?  Please tell us in the community…we’re listening!

Pick A Password, Any Password…

Since releasing the Employee Time Off Request feature in December, we’ve gotten a number of requests to allow employees to choose their own password. I’m happy to announce that it’s on the way! Within the next couple of weeks, your employees will be able to log on to the Employee website and change their password. So say goodbye to hard-to-remember system generated passwords and say hello to “piratequeen123.”

It All Started with a Simple Question…

About 11 months ago we received the first of many questions that sounded something like this:  “Can employees request time off?”

Our answer at the time was “not right now.”  The weeks passed quickly and more and more TrackSmartians let us know they thought this was a really great idea. We did our research, spoke with our member advisory team, and decided to embark on the grand journey of making the employee time off request feature a reality.

Now, when Premium Plan members ask if their employees can request time off through TrackSmart, we say “heck ya!”  And we hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

Take a look at the tutorial video to see how it works  and let us know what you think about our hard work.

Happy Tracking!

Employee Vacation Requests Are (Finally) Here!

This is going to be short and sweet and to the point, because Anjanette will be giving you the full run-down in a bit.

Last night, we released the much anticipated online employee time-off request and approval feature that we’ve been talking about for months.  A little after my regularly scheduled bedtime, the feature became available for our Premium Plan members.

We’re very excited to be able to deliver on a much-requested functionality and think it’s really cool…and well worth the upgrade for those who were holding off until this came out.

We put together a quick video to show you how it works so you can get started right away.  Check it out now!


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